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Tiny SBC runs Linux on new RAM-equipped Allwinner RISC-V SoC |

By October 27, 2021November 8th, 2021No Comments

MangoPi is prepping a tiny “MangoPi-MQ1” SBC with the new Allwinner F133-A (D1s), a spin-down of Allwinner’s D1 that adds 64MB RAM. Both SoCs use the XuanTie C906, one of several RISC-V cores that Alibaba T-Head is now open sourcing.

A MangoPi project from Beijing Wadora Technology Co. has announced a Linux-driven MangoPi-MQ1 SBC equipped with a new Allwinner F133-A (D1s) SoC. Allwinner’s F133-A is a slightly scaled down version of the Allwinner D1 SoC, which powers Sipeed’s Nezha SBC. Both SoCs are equipped with a RISC-V architecture XuanTie C906 core, which last week Alibaba’s T-Head subsidiary announced is being open sourced along with several other cores (see farther below).

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