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NSITEXE, Inc. (headquartered in Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Yukihide Niimi; hereinafter “NSITEXE”) announced that the DR1000C, a RISC-V based parallel processor IP with vector extension (DFP: Data Flow Processor), has been licensed to Renesas for adoption in RH850/U2B microcontrollers (MCUs), a powerful new group of automotive MCUs.

The RH850/U2B MCUs are designed to address the growing need to integrate multiple applications into a single chip and realize a unified electronic control unit (ECU) for the evolving electrical-electronic (E/E) architecture. Delivering a combination of high-performance, flexibility, freedom from interference, and security, the cross-domain RH850/U2B MCUs are built for the rigorous workloads required by vehicle motion in terms of hybrid ICE and xEV traction inverter, high-end zone control, connected gateway, and domain control applications.

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