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A Minimal RISC-V | Brian Bailey, Semiconductor Engineering

By January 13, 2022January 19th, 2022No Comments

Is there room for an even smaller version of a RISC-V processor that could replace 8-bit microcontrollers?

Microcontrollers exist in almost everything, but can RISC-V satisfy the needs of this market? Is it small enough to replace 8-bit processors? What might help people migrate to a more modern processor architecture?

RISC-V defines a 32-bit processor instruction set architecture (ISA) that is open source and free to be implemented in any number of ways. It is touted for being a very small and efficient architecture, and at the same time has been defined to be easily extensible. Many add-ons already are approved extensions, and a large number were unveiled at the RISC-V Summit in December 2021.

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