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First impression on Nezha RISC-V SBC | 3mdeb

By January 18, 2022January 25th, 2022No Comments

Nezha board is a development board that is designed by an AWOL. This project uses a D1 SoC from Allwinner which is used for the first time by the general public. Probably this board is the first massive produced and available SBC based at RISC-V architecture taking in mind a fact that BeagleV™ was canceled in august this year after the pilot program with version beta of the board. The Nezha board can be acquired at Aliexpress from PerfXLab Store or from Sipeed Store.

This article is such an opening to the series of posts about Neza D1 where the basic facts, specification and firmware stack of this SBC are described and present.

Read the full article. 

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