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“Revolutionizing Computer Architecture” – A fireside chat Dr. David Patterson, Vice Chair of RISC-V | Shaastra IITM

By January 13, 2022January 19th, 2022No Comments

The advent of the 20th century saw an evolution like no other. At the heart of this evolution lies the ability of an instrument to be able to solve complex questions. The device that was once seen as a technological marvel is now an essential part of every human’s life. The computer has had an evolution that can easily be mistaken for a sci-fi story. Shaastra’s Spotlight Lecture Series presents to you an enthralling fireside chat with the world-renowned computer science engineer, Dr. David Patterson, who alongside his fellow researcher, revolutionized microprocessor design with the pioneering RISC technology. David Patterson, an American computer pioneer and academic, is known for his pioneering contributions to reduced instruction set computer (RISC) design, having coined the term RISC, and for leading the Berkeley RISC project. He is also noted for leading the research on redundant arrays of inexpensive disks (RAID) storage, with a fellow researcher. He currently is the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the RISC-V Foundation, and the Pardee Professor of Computer Science, Emeritus at UC Berkeley. His books on computer architecture, co-authored with John L. Hennessy, are widely used in computer science education. Hennessy and Patterson won the 2017 Turing Award for their work in developing RISC.

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