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Take Control of Your RISC-V Codebase | Rafael Taubinger, Electronic Design

By January 25, 2022January 31st, 2022No Comments

When we talk about take control of your RISC-V codebase, there are really two aspects to it. The first meaning is reusing your codebase for future projects. The second aspect is that poor code quality is actually a widespread problem—there’s quite a bit of evidence to support the claim that bad coding practices lead directly to vulnerabilities.

Clearly, then, every developer and company must improve code quality so that the software stands the test of time. In other words, it needs to be defect-free, or as close to defect-free as possible.

Reusing Code

The Boehm’s COCOMO1 method estimates how the relative cost of writing the code is dramatically impacted by how much you modify the reused software (Fig. 1). The x-axis is what percentage of modification you do to the code you intend to reuse, while the y-axis represents the percentage of what it would be if you wrote fresh code.

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