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Imperas announces the latest updates to RVVI and welcomes the adoption by many leading RISC V processor developers | Imperas Software

Imperas Software Ltd., the leader in RISC-V simulation solutions, today announced the latest updates for RVVI (RISC-V Verification Interface) for RISC-V processor verification with virtual peripherals to support asynchronous events and system level interrupts. Plus, the growing adoption of RVVI by many leading development teams that are driving the design innovations in RISC V processors. RVVI is an open specification and available on GitHub at

RVVI provides a common methodology for the key components of the testbench to connect the RISC-V processor RTL instruction trace and reference models to fully support the lock-step-compare co-simulation. The RVVI flexibility supports the full range of RISC-V specifications and features that can be adopted with increasing levels of complexity for designs with privilege modes, vector extensions, out-of-order pipelines, multi-threading, multi-hart, plus user-defined custom instructions and extensions. RVVI supports the innovation of RISC-V with the flexibility required for verification IP and reuse as DV teams scale up to support the rapid growth in RISC-V verification projects.

Read the full announcement.

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