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In the News and Imagination to enable adoption of RISC-V for automotive design | Neil Tyler, New Electronics

By September 13, 2022September 14th, 2022No Comments Inc and Imagination Technologies have formed a strategic alliance to accelerate the adoption of RISC-V in the automotive design cycle.

With the electrification of cars changing how they are architected and built, “software-defined vehicles” are now opening up new opportunities to both redefine and package transportation and mobility as services. However, it presents enormous challenges in the design, verification, and production of connected autonomous vehicles.

The served addressable market (SAM) for RISC-V in automotive was 4 million cores in 2020, and that is forecast to rise to 150 million cores in 2022, and to 2.9 billion cores by 2025, according to figures from Deloitte. However, uncertainties around maturity, performance, and security compared to more established automotive ISA have delayed adoption.

The strategic partnership between and Imagination aims to address those concerns and position RISC-V as a mainstream, high-performance, secured compute platform for the automotive industry.

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