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It’s Time to Consider RISC-V | Rob Enderle, SD Times

By October 7, 2022November 6th, 2022No Comments

Over the last months, ARM has pulled licenses from the ARM server-focused company, Nuvia, because of Qualcomm’s acquisition of that company. Then, recently, it sued Qualcomm to block the use of Nuvia’s solutions, effectively restricting Qualcomm from benefiting from that acquisition. This suit made little sense on the surface because ARM is not a player on servers, so you’d think it would support any of its licensees going into that market. But another aspect of this is that the joint development of a PC part by these two companies would, at least on paper, create a better solution than Apple’s M1 processor, also operating under an ARM license, which may have caused Apple to force ARM to block Qualcomm from creating a Windows ARM part that would outperform Apple’s MacOS alternative.

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