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Startup plans customizable RISC-V edge AI speech processor | Nick Flaherty, EE News Europe

By June 8, 2023June 12th, 2023No Comments

AONDevices has developed an efficient edge AI denoising technology for applications that require minimal power and latency running on its forthcoming accelerator IP and hardware as well as third party microcontrollers.

AONDenois is one of the smallest denoising algorithms available, making it suitable for AI speech enhancement for use in hearing aids, wireless earbuds, smartphones and wearables.

AONDevices in the US is preparing to launch the denoiser hardware IP and the associated next-generation chip – the AON2100 – in the coming months. This follows AI IP based on RISC-V and a chip launched in 2021.

Traditionally, AI speech enhancement is performed using arrays of multiple microphones, beamforming and large Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms. This method, currently implemented in today’s smartphones and other devices, can require large amounts of memory and power, which is costly.

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