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Qamcom boosts RISC-V beyond the edge with QERV

By November 1, 2023November 6th, 2023No Comments

An increasingly digitalized world requires exploring new ways to add intelligence into everything around us. As RISC-V is redefining computing through a collaborative and inclusive ecosystem that provides value for all industries, this becomes one of the keys to Qamcom’s mission of evolving thinking from e-mobility to the edge and beyond. With QERV, we are now pushing the boundraries of RISC-V further by unlocking performance that was previously not available for the most far end of embedded computations.

The award-winning SERV ( is the world’s smallest RISC-V CPU and has already proven that you can get a real RISC-V CPU capable of running the Zephyr RTOS for just over 2kGE, which is less than most 8-bit CPUs. Today we are happy to present QERV, the quadrupled SERV. With a four times wider internal data bus, QERV is much faster than SERV while being only marginally larger.

Read the full release.

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