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Red Hat and RISC-V: To the far edge and beyond

By February 13, 2024March 5th, 2024No Comments

Red Hat has always been an advocate of growth at the intersection of open source and computing solutions–which is exactly where RISC-V can be found. RISC-V is one of those technologies where the future is both evident and inevitable. By integrating open source concepts with the hardware development process, it’s not hyperbole to say that RISC-V is disrupting the hardware industry.

Our excitement around the unique value RISC-V brings to the hardware ecosystem as an open and collaborative instruction set architecture (ISA) is nothing new. Red Hat has been providing  Fedora on RISC-V for several years, collaborating with universities on  interesting RISC-V V based research projects ,  writing about RISC-V since at least 2018 , working within RISC-V International particularly in the  platforms & profiles working group and most recently joined the  RISE Project as a founding member. We continue to identify new opportunities for RISC- V, especially within edge, artificial intelligence and next-generation infrastructure. As for the business value of RISC-V for enterprises at large, I wanted to share some takeaways from a  keynote I gave at the recent RISC-V Summit in Santa Clara.

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