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Ventana and Canonical collaborate on enabling enterprise data center, high-performance and AI computing on RISC-V

By April 11, 2024April 16th, 2024No Comments

RISC-V, an open standard instruction set architecture (ISA), is rapidly shaping the future of high-performance computing, edge computing, and artificial intelligence. The RISC-V customizable and scalable ISA enables a new era of processor innovation and efficiency. Furthermore, RISC-V democratizes innovation by allowing new companies to develop their own products on its open ISA, breaking down barriers to entry and fostering a diverse ecosystem of technological advancement.

By fostering a more open and innovative approach to product design, the RISC-V technology vendors are not just a participant in the future of technology; they are a driving force behind the evolution of computing across multiple domains. Its impact extends from the cloud to the edge:

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