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Teach a RISC-V Course!

Are you ready to share your RISC-V expertise and knowledge? We’re looking for instructors to train the next generation of RISC-V Engineers!

Interested in submitting content?

RISC-V is looking for universities, individuals, and companies to develop RISC-V online course content. RISC-V International provides support, production, and promotion to ensure high caliber learning and promotion to millions of engineers globally. If you are interested in authoring a course, please fill out this form or email with your interest, questions, and course information.

Developing a RISC-V Learn course is a fantastic opportunity to build your teaching credentials and professional experience, and for universities and companies to build their leadership within the RISC-V community. We encourage engineers and instructors with RISC-V teaching experience to contribute to the Learn RISC-V program.

Based on survey results, the RISC-V community is interested in courses on the following topics:

  • Debug & Trace
  • RISC-V Toolchain & Kernel Development
  • Porting and optimizing software to run on RISC-V
  • Compliance & Verification
  • Formal Specification
  • RISC-V Memory Model
  • Physical Memory Protection

If you have additional course ideas or content, please let us know!

Course development guidelines and expectations for course authors/instructors:

  • Each course should take about 10 hours for the learner to complete. We expect courses to be roughly 20,000 words.
  • Please submit information including a written title, subject overview, and table of contents.
  • Provide a timeline of when you expect the course to be finalized and course content outline: written content, videos planned, with relative quizzes (required for edX) that give the individual a proven understanding of the content learned. Labs are possible but please reach out to us for further details on how to incorporate labs into your training.
  • Once approved, the Linux Foundation team will reach out to discuss your course’s timeline and provide guidance. The instructor, Linux Foundation, and RISC-V International will work together using Google docs to add comments and questions pertaining to the course content.
  • The Linux Foundation training team and RISC-V International will work with you along the way to ensure any questions are answered and that content is relevant.

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