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RISC-V Summit North America 2024

This October, the global RISC-V community – including technical, industry, domain, ecosystem and special interest groups who define the architecture’s specifications – will meet in Santa Clara, California to share technology breakthroughs, industry milestones, and case studies. Register for RISC-V Summit North America before October 12. You don't want to miss this chance to define the future, build your knowledge and expertise and grow your network.


Upcoming Event

RISC-V Summit Europe

The RISC-V Summit Europe is the premier event that connects the European movers and shakers - from industry, government, research, academia and ecosystem support - that are building the future of innovation on RISC-V. Join us in Munich from June 24-28 to be part of the new wave of European computing innovation!




The RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA) and related specifications are developed, ratified and maintained by RISC-V International contributing members within the RISC-V International Technical Working Groups. Work on the specification is performed on GitHub, and the GitHub issue mechanism can be used to provide input into the specification.



Accelerating and Building the Strongest Ecosystem

The RISC-V Ecosystem Landscape is a living document that developers, investors, vendors, researchers and others can use as a resource on the ecosystem supported by RISC-V.



Celebrating Women in the Global RISC-V Community

Collaboration is an essential part of driving innovation forward in the growing RISC-V ecosystem. By promoting inclusivity, we strive to create a welcoming environment where everyone feels encouraged to share their unique experiences and bring new ideas to the table.



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Check out our Technical Sessions, Coffee Chats and RISC-V Summit Content, & more.


In The News

RISC-V CEO interview: Calista Redmond talks future of RISC-V markets at Embedded World 2024

Calista Redmond, the CEO of RISC-V International, spoke at Embedded World 2024, highlighting the growth and global presence of RISC-V. With over 2300 members in 70 countries, RISC-V is experiencing significant expansion, fostering collaboration on numerous specifications and standards. In the past two years alone, they have introduced 40 new specifications, providing building blocks for diverse designs.


Join RISC-V International

RISC-V International comprises a large member organization building the first open, collaborative community of software and hardware innovators powering innovation at the edge forward. Through various events and workshops, RISC-V International is changing the way the industry works together and collaborates – creating a new kind of open hardware and software ecosystem. Become a member today and help pioneer the industry’s future de facto ISA for design innovation.

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RISC-V for All!

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What you’ll find in this blog post:  Diversity is a driving force of the RISC-V  RISC-V Summit Europe Travel Fund RISC-V North America Global Scholarships RISC-V is community-driven, and to…

Exploring the Top Highlights of the RISC-V Booth at embedded world 2024

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embedded world 2024 showed great momentum for RISC-V. Throughout the event, RISC-V International members showcased cutting-edge innovations and forged invaluable connections, expanding the reach of RISC-V across diverse markets and…

In the News

Compiler toolset for RISC-V in safety and security-critical automotive applications

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TASKING has introduced the new compiler toolset VX-Toolset for RISC-V. The industry's first ISO 26262 and ISO/SAE 21434 compliant compiler enables the development of automotive embedded software that fulfills stringent…

A Striped Bus Architecture for Minimizing Multi-Core Interference

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Understanding the intricacies of software timing behaviour is crucial, especially in safety-critical systems and systems with real-time requirements. While analysing timing on single-core processor architecture might seem straightforward, the landscape…


RISC-V International Achieves Milestone with Ratification of 40 Specifications in Two Years

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Latest Ratifications Primarily Target Core Areas of Efficiency, Vector, and Virtualization ZURICH – April 4, 2024 – RISC-V International, the global standards organization, today announced that 40 new technical specifications…

RISC-V International to Showcase the Latest RISC-V Developments at embedded world 2024

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WHO: RISC-V International WHAT: RISC-V International will be exhibiting at embedded world 2024, sharing the latest developments from its community and showcasing a range of development boards inside the booth.…

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