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RISC-V台湾联盟  –  RISC-V Taiwan Alliance

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In order to help Taiwan’s industry enter the AIoT (artificial intelligence + Internet of Things) era, and cut into the commercial market from the open architecture of embedded CPUs, the chairman of the “Taiwan Internet of Things Industry Technology Association” Huang Chongren proposes to cooperate with Powerchip, Zhicheng, and Aegis , Andes, MediaTek, Ruixiang, Power Semiconductor Manufacturing, Liwang, Embedded Translation and other sponsoring companies, “Taiwan RISC-V Alliance” held a launching ceremony on March 7, 108, and invited the Ministry of Economics, the Ministry of Science and Technology and Many professors from Taiwan, Qing Dynasty and Jiaotong attended the meeting to witness.

The main purpose of the establishment of the “Taiwan RISC-V Alliance” is to jointly assist in the introduction of the RISC-V open architecture into Taiwan through the three-party cooperation of industry, academia, and research, and connect the resources of the RISC-V ecosystem at home and abroad, so that Taiwan’s industry can start from R&D. , Design to application, can have AIoT integration capabilities, and take advantage of 5G communication trends and business opportunities, thereby enhancing Taiwan’s industrial competitiveness.

The RISC-V open architecture allows manufacturers to quickly develop new applications, especially for new entrepreneurs, not only can save authorization costs in the development phase, but also increase the exclusive instruction set according to their own needs, without being restricted by the original authorization. This is a new opportunity for Taiwan’s technology industry. We invite everyone to join the “Taiwan RISC-V Alliance”.


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