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Welcome Mark Himelstein, RISC-V International CTO!

By June 1, 2020September 30th, 2020No Comments

Today RISC-V is honored to welcome Mark Himelstein to our leadership team as the RISC-V Chief Technology Officer. Mark brings an incredible set of experiences in leading technology innovations in both software and hardware to the microprocessor and systems industry. His collaboration across teams, companies, individuals, customers, and diverse stakeholders has shaped his approach and acumen to take on challenges and opportunities with mutual success in mind.

RISC-V has gained incredible momentum since our inception at Berkeley 10 years ago and our formation as a community nearly 5 years ago. We’ve grown in diversity of 560+ members in 50 countries, numerous implementations of technology, adoption by industry, and engagement across our 30 technical and business groups. As the RISC-V CTO, Mark will work with the RISC-V community to understand, define, and lead strategic technical imperatives from ISA extensions to software, from embedded to HPC, with global and geo interests in mind.

Please learn more about Mark on our Leadership page and engage in our vibrant and growing community. Welcome Mark to the RISC-V revolution!

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