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Next generation music AI engine available for RISC-V

By December 6, 2021No Comments

Vancouver based software studio Cartesian Theatre Corp. and SiFive, Inc., the founder and leader in RISC-V computing, are excited to announce CT’s Helios music recommendation engine’s successful port to the open and free RISC-V instruction set architecture.

Helios is an advanced patent-protected AI music recommendation engine that can be used to search commercial music catalogues using music itself as the search key. Applications are wide ranging, such as production studios seeking synchronization licenses from record labels, streaming services, online music stores, and much more.

The engine’s debut on RISC-V opens a goldmine of new commercial opportunities in the embedded space for digital jukeboxes, IoT, in-flight entertainment, and luxury vehicles to name a few.

“The SiFive HiFive Unmatched developer board and comprehensive software development kit, SiFive Freedom Studio, enables applications of all types to be simply implemented using the RISC-V instruction set architecture,” said Chris Jones, Vice President, Product Marketing, SiFive. “RISC-V has no limits, and the successful implementation of CT’s Helios application on RISC-V hardware is proof of the features, support, and quality of RISC-V from SiFive.”

“SiFive’s hardware, engineering expertise, and a clean Helios code base made for an elegant port. I am excited to see the novel applications of Helios on RISC-V,” said Kip Warner, CT’s Director of Engineering.

“This feat is another testament to how the openness, simplicity, modularity, and extensibility of RISC-V makes the ISA ideal for any type of application you can think of,” said Calista Redmond, CEO of RISC-V International. “We look forward to seeing how this collaboration will unlock exciting new entertainment experiences.”

“Microchip’s PolarFire SoC FPGA is truly an innovation platform that brings the richness of Linux to a deterministic real-time system. The PolarFire SoC Icicle kit and the suite of development tools from Microchip and the Mi-V RISC-V Ecosystem make it quick and easy to develop and head to mass production,” said Krishnakumar, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microchip Technology. “The latest addition to RISC-V solutions portfolio, CT’s Helios, further extends the quality of solutions and support available from the RISC-V ecosystem.”

The joint undertaking was completed with technical assistance from SiFive and Microchip Technology. The engine and a commercial music catalogue were successfully deployed and tested on the SiFive HiFive Unmatched board. Introduced in October 2020, the developer-focused board has ushered in a new era of RISC-V software with a platform powered by the SiFive Essential™ 7-Series processor cores inside the SiFive FU740 SoC.

SiFive business inquiries may be submitted here. Helios related business inquiries may be directed to Dean Becker at (251) 262-0000 or by email to

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