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RISC-V EMEA Roadshow Spotlight: Trinamic Motion Control

By July 25, 2019October 1st, 2020No Comments

The RISC-V Foundation, in collaboration with the Linux Foundation, is hosting free, half-day “Getting Started with RISC-V” events in Tel Aviv, Munich, Berlin, Tallinn, Paris and London from Sept. 16-26. RISC-V Foundation members will give presentations and live demonstrations showcasing innovation RISC-V solutions and implementations. Register today to save your spot!
Trinamic Motion Control is one of the featured RISC-V Foundation members in the EMEA roadshow, presenting the session “Rocinante: Motor Control SoC with Integrated RISC-V Core.” Trinamic’s state-of-the-art ICs, modules, and PANdrive smart motors enable today’s software engineers to quickly and reliably develop highly precise drives that work efficiently, smoothly, and quietly. Read on to learn more about the company and what it will be showcasing at the events.
What applications or problems does your company’s technology solve for engineers?

  • When digital information can be transformed into perfect physical motion, previously infeasible use cases suddenly become possible, advancing the 4th Industrial Revolution and the automation of daily life. At Trinamic, transforming digital information into perfect physical motion is our core focus – and has been from the start. As a result, our technologies are used in nearly every market where embedded motion control is demanded, including textiles, security, space, medical, robotics and cobots, home automation, electric vehicles, and anything else using small electric motors. Engineers often face the problem of increasing time constraints and limited budgets, so they want to have the best technology ready to implement in their application without becoming a motion or motor control expert. That’s why Trinamic makes not just disruptive technology, but disruptive technology that’s as easy as 1-2-3. We place decades of motor experience at your fingertips. By implementing our expertise in hardware building blocks, we remove complexity and ensure that any engineer without motion control experience can easily optimize designs and results.

What does your company do regarding RISC-V? 

  • Currently, Trinamic is finalizing the world’s first monolithic motor driver SoC with an embedded RISC-V processor core. With the driver and processor on one chip, the embedded solution for stepper motors, BLDC motors and brushed DC motors, and voice-coil motors reduce latency to the absolute minimum while offering the flexibility of the open RISC-V ISA microcontroller. As such, Trinamic introduces RISC-V in embedded motion and motor control to offer engineers a new degree of freedom, enabling features that will be indispensable in the future, like condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. There are companies who excel in analog, and a lot of companies doing digital ICs. There’s also mixed-signal and, even more challenging, smart power. The monolithic mixed-signal smart power IC with an embedded processor core is the full culmination thereof, offering ultimate flexibility and reliability at a competitive price. For more info, read:

What will attendees learn from your presentation?

  • During the presentation, attendees will receive an update on the Rocinante development. Trinamic will demonstrate the working prototype board with the toolchain and its potential applications to show Rocinante’s capabilities. Participants will see how they can access the motor control technology inside, allowing them to build the next generation of cyber-physical systems. 

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