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RISC-V EMEA Roadshow Spotlight: Andes Technology

By September 4, 2019October 1st, 2020No Comments

The RISC-V Foundation, in collaboration with the Linux Foundation, is hosting free, half-day “Getting Started with RISC-V” events in Tel Aviv, Munich, Berlin, Tallinn, Paris and London from Sept. 16-26. RISC-V Foundation members will give presentations and live demonstrations showcasing innovation RISC-V solutions and implementations. Register today to save your spot!
Andes Technology is one of the featured RISC-V Foundation members in the EMEA roadshow, presenting the session, “Fast Start into RISC-V for AIoT with A+ Core.” Andes Technology, based in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, is a leading supplier of performance‐efficient processor IP solutions to serve the rapidly growing embedded applications market worldwide. Its customers’ applications include IoT, multimedia, networking, sensors, storage and wireless communication. Read on to learn more about the company and what it will be showcasing at the events. 
What applications or problems does your company’s technology solve for engineers?

  • AndeStar™ V5, the new family of AndeStar architecture, is fully compliant with RISC-V technology while bringing extended features unique to Andes and already proven in the V3 processors, such as:
    • Andes Performance Extension to speed up common program sequences such as those for memory accesses and branches
    • Andes Custom Extension™ (ACE) to enable user-defined instructions for Domain-Specific Acceleration (DSA)
    • CoDense™ for further code size compaction
    • StackSafe™ stack overflow/underflow detection for program reliability
    • PowerBrake frequency scaling for power saving
    • Supports both 32-bits (RV32) and 64-bits (RV64); the latter is for applications demanding addressability greater than 4 GB or those benefiting from data wider than 32 bits

What does your company do regarding RISC-V?

  • Andes is joining forces with partners in the RISC-V community to grow the ecosystem by bringing Andes’ CPU IP experiences together with RISC-V technology. Andes is also working with many RISC-V Foundation members to provide an advanced development environment.
    • Andes became one of the founding members of the RISC-V Foundation in 2016
    • Andes is a RISC-V major tool-chain contributor (and maintainer).
    • Andes provides a complete product portfolio with RISC-V CPU IP. Andes is a reliable RISC-V core IP business partner.
    • Andes provides the world’s leading customer-instruction extension capable RISC-V core IP (Andes 25-series cores) and tools.
    • Andes provides RISC-V cores that run Linux.
    • Through years of interactions with customers, Andes is well-versed in designing details important for SoCs.
  • For more information about Andes’ RISC-V solutions, please visit:

What will attendees learn from your presentation?

  • RISC-V is changing the processor landscape rapidly. Being open, modular yet compact and innovative, RISC-V is THE game-changer. With a fast start into RISC-V, Andes will not only introduce our free starter, commercial grade core but also show which other options are available, ranging from an ultra-low power MCU over a low power medium-sized core to Linux-capable multicore processors based on RISC-V.

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