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RISC-V Developer Boards to drive innovation

By April 28, 2021May 5th, 2021No Comments

We are at an incredible inflection point for RISC-V. We are making history and we want you to be a part of it!

RISC-V is now being engineered into everything from soldering irons to supercomputers. One step along the way is facilitating the availability of development boards for testing and development. We are inviting developers to sign up for a RISC-V developer board sponsored by RISC-V and our RISC-V contributing members. We have boards available and we want you to have one!

The boards are provided by RISC-V vendor members and through an investment by RISC-V International. We plan to distribute over 1,000 boards for academia and early adopters by June 2022. 

What do we want you to do with the boards? Everything! Develop software, learn RISC-V, run tests, port software, look for ways we can improve, contribute – this is your opportunity to get your hands on RISC-V and engage in the RISC-V ecosystem!

If you are part of an academic institution or are an early adopter, apply for a free RISC-V Board. While different RISC-V implementations have different performance characteristics, the biggest difference between the development boards is the amount of memory on the boards. We will have 1, 2, 8, and 16GB boards. As part of the application, you will be asked to specify what you will do with the boards and what size memory you need.

We have a simple request – we will be looking for your feedback! We’d also love to showcase your innovations, successes, and stories. Let us know so we can amplify on social media or perhaps a blog.

To participate, fill out the Google Form and we’ll get in touch with you on the delivery of your hardware. Learn more about RISC-V developer boards on our website.

**Note that supply is limited and subject to availability and there is no direct support. The RISC-V Slack channel is available for questions. You can visit RISC-V exchange here to learn more about additional developer boards, as well as cores, SoCs, software, tools, and more. 

Get a board!
Have fun!
Learn something new!
Help us change the world of computing!

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