Program Overview

RISC-V Developer Boards are offered to provide boards to a wider audience of early adopters and academia to spur innovation, provide hands-on education for the next generation of designers and developers, and provide a platform for early adopters to test and develop.

RISC-V International and RISC-V vendor members are investing in this project by purchasing and donating boards to make them available to the community. RISC-V International will identify recipients, match them with the type of boards they need, and oversee the distribution through vendor members. Recipients will submit a plan of usage and be required to document their results using the board. In addition, RISC-V vendor members are running their own programs and coordinating with RISC-V International.

Visit the RISC-V Exchange to learn more about additional developer boards, as well as cores, SoCs, software, tools, and more. 

There is a lot of demand for the boards and our goal is to respond as soon as we can.

Program statistics:

  • Total boards shipped to-date: 88
  • Boards to academic projects: 42
  • Boards to operating system communities: 15
  • Boards to individual projects: 31

To get started:

  • Fill out the application via the Google form.
  • RISC-V will work with the manufacturer to fulfill orders to those who qualify.

Read for terms of the program

Applications are reviewed on a weekly basis. All applications are evaluated based on the benefits to the RISC-V community and the applicability in the RISC-V ecosystem.

The priority for the delivery of boards is based on the value of the proposed project. Our goal is to provide 50% of the available boards to academia. All applications that qualify will be considered on a first-come / first-serve basis.

Applicants of the boards must be willing to provide a monthly status of their project and work with RISC-V marketing to document their project and results. Applicants must provide monthly feedback and responses to RISC-V emails. 

Decisions on board allocations are final. RISC-V as the administer of this program will abide by all laws in the United States and other government rules. Supply is limited and subject to availability. RISC-V provides no direct support; the RISC-V Slack channel is available for questions. Vendor members who have provided the boards MAY provide support.

Vendor members contributing boards and available boards:

Alibaba Cloud