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Program Overview

The RISC-V Developer Boards program serves to evangelize and promote the RISC-V architecture by partnering with RISC-V hardware vendors to donate hardware to projects to:

  • Drive success of RISC-V member products and services, to enable operating system distributions support,
  • Grow upstream open-source software community adoption, 
  • Build educational resources, 
  • Embrace emerging technologies which use the RISC-V architecture, and
  • Foster software ecosystem engagement and good-will.

Participant projects will submit a plan of usage and be required to document their results using the board. In addition, RISC-V vendor members are running their own programs and coordinating with RISC-V International.

Want to help? Want a free board? Visit our details page to submit a proposal for a project!!!

If your project would benefit more from Cloud resources, please visit our RISC-V Labs page to learn more about the options available.

Vendor members contributing and offering boards:

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