Demand has overwhelmed our supply. We’ll update this page when additional boards become available.

RISC-V Developer Boards are offered to provide boards to a wider audience of early adopters and academia to spur innovation, provide hands-on education for the next generation of designers and developers, and provide a platform for early adopters to test and develop.

RISC-V International and RISC-V vendor members are investing in this project by purchasing and donating boards to make them available to the community. RISC-V International will identify recipients, match them with the type of boards they need and oversee the distribution through vendor members. Recipients will submit a plan of usage and be required to document their results using the board. In addition, RISC-V vendor members are running their own programs and coordinating with RISC-V International.

RISC-V International’s goals for this program include:

  • Spur innovation
  • Enable new opportunities for the next generation of developers to work with the RISC-V ISA
  • Provide a platform 
    • For testing
    • To write programs that run on RISC-V
    • Develop software
    • Integrate existing software stacks
    • Optimize ecosystem software 
  • Share feedback on the product such as ease to integrate software stacks, develop and test extensions, etc.

All board requests should identify an area of usage

Vendor members contributing boards and available boards: