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RISC-V Workshop Zurich Proceedings

By June 13, 2019October 1st, 2020No Comments

RISC-V Workshop Zurich Proceedings

June 11-13, 2019

The RISC-V Workshop Zurich took place from Tuesday, June 11 to Thursday, June 13, 2019 at ETH Zurich in Zurich, Switzerland. The RISC-V Workshop Zurich showcased the open, expansive and international RISC-V ecosystem, highlighting current and prospective projects and implementations that influence the future evolution of the RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA), with a focus on the momentum and growth of the RISC-V ecosystem across Europe and beyond.
The event featured a variety of speaking sessions, along with poster presentations and demonstrations. RISC-V Foundation member companies exhibiting at the Workshop include: Antmicro, AdaCore, Calligo Technologies, Gowin, GreenWaves Technologies, IAR Systems, Imperas, Inno Logic, QuickLogic, SiFive, Syntacore, UltraSoC, Valtrix Systems, Western Digital and WolfSSL.


Check out the slides and videos from each of the sessions below.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 RISC-V Workshop Zurich

Time Event Speaker, Affiliation Slides
8:00 Registration & Networking
9:00 Guiding the Future of RISC-V Calista Redmond, RISC-V Foundation Slides | Video

Energy efficient computing from Exascale to MicroWatts: The RISC-V playground

Luca Benini, ETH Zurich Slides | Video
9:40 RISC-V State of the Union Krste Asanovic, UC Berkeley / SiFive Slides | Video

RISC-V Technical Committee Update

Silviu Chiricescu, Draper Slides
10:20 RISC-V Marketing Committee Updates Ted Marena, RISC-V Foundation Slides | Video
10:35 Networking Break

OpenHW Group Announces CORE-V Family of Open-Source RISC-V Cores

Rick O’Connor, OpenHW Group Slides | Video

OpenPiton+Ariane: The First Linux-Booting Open-Source RISC-V Manycore

Jonathan Balkind, Princeton University; Michael Schaffner, ETH Zurich Slides | Video

efabless’ Raven: PicoRV32 on an ASIC, Open Source, Open Silicon

Tim Edwards and Mohamed Kassem, efabless Slides | Video

PULP-NN: An Open-Source Library for Deeply-Embedded and Quantized Neural Networks (QNNs) on a RISC-V Based Parallel Ultra Low Power Cluster

Angelo Garofalo, University of Bologna; Luca Benini, ETH Zurich Slides | Video

Bit by bit – How to fit 8 RISC-V cores in a $38 FPGA board

Olof Kindgren, Qamcom Research & Technology Slides | Video

Networking Lunch & Table Tops Visit


OpenSBI Deep Dive

Anup Patel, Western Digital Slides | Video

Secure Bootloader for RISC-V

David Garske and Daniele Lacamera, wolfSSL, Inc. Slides

An Open Source Approach to System Security

Helena Handschuh, Rambus Slides | Video

60 Second Poster Preview Sessions

Slides | Video
14:50 Networking Break

PolarFire SoC: A Secure, Low Latency Heterogeneous Compute Platform for the Edge

Ted Speers, RISC-V Foundation | Microchip Technology Slides | Video

CHIPS Alliance – An Open Hardware Group

Ted Marena, RISC-V Foundation | Western Digital Slides | Video

PULP Platform: What’s next?

Frank Gürkaynak, ETH Zurich
Slides | Video

Bridging the Gap in the RISC-V Memory Models

Stefanos Kaxiras, Uppsala University and Eta Scale AB; Alberto Ros, University of Marcia and Eta Scale AB Slides | Video

The first space-qualified Klessydra RISCV microcontroller to be launched on a satellite

Mauro Olivieri, Sapienza University of Rome and Visiting Researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Center; Luigi Blasi and Francesco Vigli, Sapienza University of Rome Slides | Video

What You Simulate Is What You Synthesize: Design of a RISC-V Core from C++ Specifications

Simon Rokicki and Olivier Sentieys, INRIA Slides | Video

Better Living Through Bit Manipulation: Higher Performance at Lower Power

Clifford Wolf, Symbiotic EDA Slides | Video

Status Update of RISC-V P Extension Task Group

Chuanhua Chang, Andes Technology Slides | Video

Crypto Currently: The state of the Cryptographic Extensions and the challenges we face

Ken Dockser, Qualcomm Slides | Video

Vector Extension 0.7

Krste Asanovic, UC Berkeley | SiFive Slides | Video
18:00 Networking Reception Slides


Tuesday, June 12, 2019 RISC-V Workshop Zurich

Time Event Speaker, Affiliation Slides
8:00 Network & Registration
9:00 RISC-V Software State of the Union Palmer Dabbelt, SiFive Slides|

Embench TM: A Free Benchmark Suite for Embedded Computing from an Academic-Industry Cooperative (Towards the Long Overdue and Deserved Demise of Dhrystone)

David Patterson, RISC-V Foundation; Jeremy Bennett, Embecosm Slides | Video
9:50 Open Source Compiler Tool Chains and Operating Systems for RISC-V Jeremy Bennett and Mark Corbin, Embecosm Slides | Video
10:15 Enabling RISC-V Development with QEMU
Alistair Francis, Western Digital
Slides | Video
10:30 Networking Break
11:00 Building Better Soft RISC-V IP Cores through Mi-V verification and compliance Testing
Stuart Hoad, Microchip Technology
Slides | Video
11:25 Developing with FreeRTOS and RISC-V Richard Barry, AWS Slides | Video
11:50 Enable RISC-V capability in cloud computing
Zhipeng Huang, Huawei
Slides | Video
12:05 Networking Lunch and Table Top Visits
13:05 SweRV (RISC-V) Debug, Trace and On-chip Analytics for SOC Rao Bommana and Mukesh PandaWestern Digital Slides
13:20 TestRIG: Using RVFI-DII to eliminate the “Test gap” between specification and implementation Jonathan Woodruff, University of Cambridge Slides | Video
13:35 Formal Verification of PULPino and other RISC-V SoCs
Nicolae Tusinchi and Sven BeyerOneSpin Solutions
13:50 Ada & PolarFire SoC, a software and hardware alloy for Safety & Security Fabien Chouteau, AdaCore; Pierre Selwan, Microsemi Slides | Video
14:05 Building Secure Systems using RISC-V and Rust Arun Thomas, Draper Labs Slides | Video
14:20 60 Second Poster Preview Sessions Slides | Video
14:50 Networking Break
15:20 An open-source API proposal for a multi-domain RISC-V Trusted Execution Environment Cesare Garlati, Hex Five Security Slides | Video
15:45 Protecting RISC-V Processors against Physical Attacks Mario Werner and Robert Schilling, Graz University of Technology Slides | Video
16:00 A Security Policy Definition Language, Semantics, and Open Source Tools Greg Sullivan, Dover Microsystems; Chris Casinghino, Draper Slides | Video
16:15 An Intrinsically Secure RISC V processor Olivier Savry, CEA Slides | Video
16:30 SiFive 7-series RISC-V Core IP Enables Embedded Intelligence
James Prior, SiFive
16:45 CloudBEAR RISC-V Processor IP Product Line Alexander Kozlov, CloudBEAR Slides | Video
17:00 Syntacore 64bit RISC-V core IP product line Alexander Redkin and Dmitry GusevSyntacore Slides | Video
17:15 Configurable LLDB Debuggers for RISC-V Zdenek Prikryl, Codasip Slides | Video
18:00 RISC-V Foundation Members Dinner


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