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Branding Guidelines & Materials

This page provides guidance for working with RISC-V trademarks and logos, as well as access to current RISC-V branded materials, including current slides for use at RISC-V events and meetups.

Agreement: For commercial end products, usage of the RISC-V trademark (name) or the RISC-V logo must follow the guidelines below and is only permitted for member organizations who are party to the RISC-V International Membership Agreement.  The RISC-V trademark (name) or the RISC-V logo may be freely used for non-commercial research and academic projects as long as the guidelines below are followed. Individual members may not use the RISC-V trademark for commercial purposes


The RISC-V logo represents our community at the very highest level and is vitally important to our overall brand. The logo acts as a signature, an identifier, a stamp of quality and should always be the most consistent element in all RISC-V related communications efforts.

Qualifying for RISC-V CompatibleTM  Branding

RISC-V trademarks, logos, and any other designated label for profiles, platforms, or extensions

  1. Members must abide by all the conventions in this document to use The “RISC-V CompatibleTM” trademarks including the words “RISC-V Compatible” and any related logos.
  2. Commercial use of  “RISC-V CompatibleTM“ requires Premier or Strategic membership.
  3. Flow through branding: If any entity implements the RISC-V ISA  in their commercial product, the source entity must be a Premier or Strategic member to use “RISC-V CompatibleTM“.
  4. The “RISC-V CompatibleTM” trademarks are the only RISC-V trademarks used for purposes of software compatibility across cores; other trademarks do and will exist around the usage of  “RISC-V”. By convention, product collateral may only use the word “compatible” in the context of “RISC-V Compatible” (e.g. profiles like RISC-V CompatibleTM RVA22) or an individual extension (e.g. RISC-V CompatibleTM V Extension) or platforms (naming TBD by the platform HSC).
  5. The use of the  “RISC-V CompatibleTM” trademark text and/or logo is limited to Premier and Strategic members’ commercial RISC-V implementations that are self certified as compatible as defined herein.

RISC-V Compatible Trademark Permission Process

The tests for the RVI20 profile are available today. Implementers may say “RISC-V Compatible™ for RVI20” by complying with this policy. As Other profiles and extensions become available implementers may follow this policy for them.

  1. Members who implement RISC-V cores (Implementers) may use the “RISC-V CompatibleTM” trademarks when in compliance with this whole process.
  2. Only Premier and Strategic Members may use these trademarks in association with commercial products.
  3. Implementers shall comply with the Architecture Test Policy including re-running the tests when the implementation is changed.
  4. Passing the tests does not necessarily imply compatibility.
  5. Implementers shall self certify their RISC-V core is Architecturally Compatible by signing and delivering to RVI the RISC-V Architecture Compatibility Self-Certification Document. The Architecture Test Policy specifies where to deliver test results. This self-certification is a statement made by the implementer about the design and not about passing any tests provided by or recommended by RISC-V International. The Architecture Testsuite can be found at:

Exceptions: RISC-V Branding exceptions must be approved by the RISC-V CEO, RISC-V Director of Marketing, and RISC-V Board (or whomever they delegate to).

How to Use the RISC-V Logo

Download the primary logo.

Download the secondary logo.

In order to maintain this consistency, a few simple guidelines should be followed.


The RISC-V logo should never be recreated or typeset. Only official logo files should be used in communications.

Primary Usage

Berkeley Blue (Hex #003262). It is intended to be used on lighter backgrounds and images in order to maintain legibility.

Primary Usage: Alternate

Another acceptable color option is to reverse the logo out to White on darker backgrounds and images.

RISC-V Compatible Logo


Logo usage restricted per the RISC-V CompatibleTM Branding qualification requirements above.

RISC-V Member Badges

RISC-V Premier, Strategic and Community Organization Members are welcome to showcase their membership using the applicable badges below.


RISC-V Trade Name

The “RISC-V” trade name is a registered trademark of RISC-V International.  All uses of the name RISC-V must be consistent with these guidelines. The name must always be written in block letters with a hyphen between the C and V of RISC-V.

Always use:

  • RISC-V
  • RISC-V International

Never use:

  • Risc V
  • RISC V
  • RISC_V
  • RVI

RISC-V Colors & Fonts

Beyond the RISC-V logo and name, color and fonts are a recognizable aspect of our overall brand identity. The colors we use have been selected to reflect our bold, diverse community and they’ve been named in recognition of the RISC-V UC Berkeley heritage. Using color appropriately is one of the easiest ways to make sure our member materials reflect a cohesive RISC-V brand.

When using color builds, always use the color values listed. They have been selected for the best reproduction in print and on screen.

Download the Style Guide.

Download the Fonts.

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