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The RISC-V Development Partner Program recognizes the investment and dedication of organizations making significant technical contributions to RISC-V. It is created to:

  • Streamline collaboration
  • Advance projects the RISC-V Task Groups have identified for extension ratification
  • Give development partners the opportunity to learn and be part of groundbreaking and innovative projects
  • Provide a platform for public acknowledgment of their contributions to the community

This new approach to a contributor model for open standard hardware is connecting the community and driving technical initiatives forward.

RISC-V Development Partners provide: 

  • Maintain their membership in RISC-V International at Premier, Strategic, or Community Organization level.
  • Leadership alignment through the assignment of an individual from their organization (non-student) to liaise with the RISC-V Technical Working Group to define a Statement of Work which includes defined deliverables, resources, and timeline and manage the project.
  • Work on a proof of concept project selected from the list of pilot projects. Visible results should be realized in 1 month to demonstrate progress, with the goal to expand the work to include more projects.
  • Technical development on ongoing projects by supporting a minimum of three medium sized projects simultaneously after the proof of concept project.

RISC-V commits to:

  • Ongoing leadership support through leadership alignment and via the RISC-V Technical Working Group.
  • Technical alignment and oversight in scoping and progressing projects that align with RISC-V technical strategy and priorities.
  • Public recognition including amplification of project success and key deliverables. 
  • Additional support and recognition where appropriate. 

RISC-V Development Partners can display the RISC-V Development Partner badge on their website and other outbound communications.

The RISC-V Development Partners

Thank you to our Development Partners!


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