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Technical Forums

Please note: All work in RISC-V is subject to the RISC-V Community Code of Conduct. Questions and concerns may be directed to the designated Response Team by emailing

Technical Working Groups

The work done within RISC-V International is organized on our groups server at This includes mailing lists, file storage, meetings and calendar invitations, and archives, among other things. Groups are organized into a hierarchy by functional area. New groups are proposed and approved through the TSC (technical groups) or the Board of Directors (non-technical groups).

All RISC-V technical committees and work groups are non-confidential – list traffic, meeting minutes, and deliverables are public, and can be viewed in the public archives. Active participation on lists and meetings is limited to RISC-V members. Please see the membership page for information on how you can become a RISC-V member.

Visit Working with the Member Portal to learn more about how to use these groups.

The Directory of Working Groups page has an organized listing of all current working groups in the system.

Public Discussion Lists

There is a set of public discussion lists hosted on Google Groups. These lists are open to anyone regardless of member status, and as such, they are discussion groups only, not official working groups within the RISC-V member community. All RISC-V lists are subject to the RISC-V Code of Conduct.

Public discussion lists include:

  • ISA-Dev: This list is used to share RISC-V ISA Development related ideas, questions and updates within the RISC-V community.
  • SW-Dev: This list is used to share RISC-V Software Development related ideas, questions and updates within the RISC-V community.
  • Teach: This is a discussion group mailing list established to support the Academic community interested in using RISC-V in a pedagogical curriculum. Teaching aids such as text books, slide decks, demo examples, problem sets, educational videos, other tutorials, etc., can be discussed here.
  • Community: This public discussion list is for non-technical topics related to the RISC-V community.

Slack Channels

RISC-V has a space on Slack at You can join directly using this invitation link.

Note: if the invitation link does not work for you, please contact us so we can fix it.

External Forums

Stack Overflow is a public question & answer site that has many active RISC-V community members – it’s a great way to get answers.

The Fedora Project has a forum where several RISC-V Forum Threads are tagged for discussions around server specs, as well as the status of RISC-V on Fedora.

Stay Connected With RISC-V

We send occasional news about RISC-V technical progress, news, and events.