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RISC-V Scales Across the Whole Vehicle


RISC-V enables the perfect balance of processing, customizable at the core level,  from simple, low power sensors and actuators to zonal controllers, domain controllers and high performance centralized vehicle compute.


The use of a single architecture simplifies development and reduces cost, scalable across the whole vehicle, and the reuse of expertise and tools across a range of different applications.

Car Architecture

Software components based on the RISC-V ISA can be easily deployed across a manufacturer’s range of vehicle models and specification levels whose different price points necessitate a range of compute specifications.

RISC-V is an Extendable Standard

Car Supply Chain

RISC-V is an open standard ISA that enables the automotive supply chain to work together efficiently while fostering individual innovation for individual companies.

Auto Standard

RISC-V enables the development of custom, highly specialized automotive specific extensions, solutions to key industry concerns, like power consumption, functional safety and security in highly automotive specific SoCs.


Becoming a member of enables access to steering groups, including the Automotive SIG and Functional Safety SIG, giving the ability  to influence automotive related extensions and the opportunity to collaborate and network with the RISC-V Automotive ecosystem.

Supported by the Rich RISC-V Ecosystem

The diverse range of silicon requirements across the car, means a range of different chips are needed. From pre designed automotive MCUs to complete custom automotive SoCs, the RISC-V ecosystem can deliver.

Our members are expert in a range of hardware technologies from processors and IP to design tools and verification. 

Innovative software ecosystem, already delivering FuSa certified compilers, software development tools and components ready for use in automotive applications along with rich operating systems and virtual platforms. 

RISC-V benefits from a “Many Eyes” model of open development that benefits the key automotive care abouts of safety and security, leveraging expertise across the ecossytem

Control Your Compute Roadmap and Supply Chain

RISC-V is a global open standard, not controlled by any single company or country,  incorporating meaningful contributions from all over the world. 

The wide breadth of products offered by the RISC-V ecosystem enables easier multi-sourcing for future developments, reducing risk and preventing lock-in from individual vendors. 


RISC-V enables you to create more differentiated products customised to exact processing requirements and new ideas and concepts for vehicle compute.

From sourcing pre-existing SoCs to custom silicon, we have solutions and expertise as you explore the possibilities in automotive silicon and your ambitions for the future.

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