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Showcasing their support for RISC-V

RISC-V International would not exist without the support of its Members. With options for corporate, community and individual membership, all are welcome to have a seat at the table. Join Today to begin taking advantage of the Member Resources below.

Engage in RISC-V

The definition of open computing is RISC-V.

Welcome to RISC-V! The purpose of this page is to help you navigate some of the many resources available to you as a Member. Up top, we have summarized 6 items that should give you a general lay of the resource landscape. From there, we dive into technical and marketing resources. Finally, we touch upon additional opportunities, including RISC-V Careers, where you can find your next RISC-V engineering talent!

We encourage you to review the RISC-V Code of Conduct before engaging, as we work to provide a welcoming environment for all.

Should you have any questions throughout your membership, we encourage you to contact us at:

New Member: Getting Started


Sign Up: Working Groups Portal

If you are affiliated with a member organization (i.e. if you have an email address within your organization’s domain) and you would like to join, send a note to and we will add you to the server.

Review: Technical Collaboration

To understand the RISC-V Technical Community better, reviewing the information at is encouraged to understand the tools, processes, and organization of our communities.

Review: Marketing Collaboration

The Marketing Committee seeks to generate awareness and adoption of the RISC-V open collaboration ecosystem and adoption of RISC-V technologies. It can be considered by members as an extension of their marketing team. Join the Marketing Committee here.

Amplify: Exchange

The RISC-V Exchange is a comprehensive listing of products available from the RISC-V community including physical hardware, IP cores, software, services, and learning. If you have a product you would like to list on the RISC-V Exchange, please complete the following form.

Amplify: Landscape

The RISC-V Ecosystem Landscape has been created to help demonstrate the robust, growing, RISC-V ecosystem. New entries, as well as updates to existing entries, may be proposed through Pull Requests or through New Issues.

Follow: Social

Follow RISC-V on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Slack to keep atop the latest announcements

Next Steps: Technical Collaboration


Learn: Start Here

The Getting Started Guide offers a consolidated overview of RISC-V technical organizations for all members, referencing pertinent documents from the community.

Foundation: Technical Resources

Visit for a central hub of current activities. The Technical Organization provides an overview of HCs, ICs, AR, and TSC and how they related to each other.

Ask for Help

Need technical assistance? Members can reach out through, while both members and non-members can contact us at

Get Involved: Specification Development & Policies

As a member, you’re invited to join technical meetings to influence RISC-V’s direction. Please acquaint yourself with the policies governing its technical development.

Specifications & Status

Find previously ratified extensions at this link and view extensions under development here.

Deep Dive

Discover more at Important Links.

Next Steps: Marketing Collaboration


Review: Committees & Task Groups

Review the RISC-V marketing committees and task groups

Submit: Blog or News Items

One of the RISC-V membership benefits is posting member blogs and sharing their news items on Submit blogs and news items here.

Understand: Branding Guidelines

Leverage RISC-V branding in your marketing materials

Participate: RISC-V Events

Attend, speak, and sponsor RISC-V events

Host: Community Events

Host local community events

Diving Deeper: Additional Opportunities


Learn: Academic and Online

Build RISC-V Knowledge through Learn resources, join the academic and training Special Interest Group to support RISC-V education, then build a course with us!

Evangelize: Amplify RISC-V

Become a RISC-V Advocate or RISC-V Ambassador – technical experts

Recruit: RISC-V Engineers

Post RISC-V technical position openings on RISC-V Careers

Mentor: Teach and Advance

Become a mentor and guide a RISC-V Mentorship project

Gear Up: RISC-V Store

Gear up your team at the RISC-V store

Acknowledge: RISC-V Recognition

RISC-V Recognition acknowledges community members, engineers, and advocates who have worked hard to advance RISC-V.

For a comprehensive listing of Membership Benefits, we encourage you to visit our Member Benefits and Welcome deck.

Stay Connected With RISC-V

We send occasional news about RISC-V technical progress, news, and events.