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RISC-V Mentorship Program

The RISC-V Mentorship Program enables one or more internship-style projects per 12-week session which match mentors and project leaders together with mentees and interns. Mentees are guided through a series of milestones by one or more project mentors through their project work and weekly meetings.

Summer 2024 Session

Summer Term: June 1st – August 31st, 2024


  • Accepting proposals for mentorships: January 8 – April 1
  • Selected mentorships notified: April 3
  • Mentorships available on LFX Mentorship: April 8
  • Applications open: April 9 – May 13 (4 weeks)
  • Application review/admission decisions/selected mentees notified/HR paperwork: May 14 – May 31
  • Summer 2024 Program runs June 1 – August 31

Once available, mentorships will be available on the RISC-V Careers page and LFX Mentorship.

Internship information from LFX Mentorship, including eligibility and information about stipends.

Fall 2024 Session

Fall Term: September 1st – November 30th


  • Accepting proposals for mentorships April 10 – July 1
  • Selected mentorships notified: July 8
  • Mentorships available on LFX Mentorship: July 10
  • Applications open: July 15 – August 12 (4 weeks)
  • Application review/admission decisions/HR paperwork: August 13 – August 22

Check out the available mentorships today on the RISC-V Careers page and connect directly with the member organizations.

Internship information from LFX Mentorship, including eligibility and information about stipends.

Become a Mentee / Mentor

Any RISC-V organizational member (Premier, Strategic, or Community) may propose a mentorship project. If you have an idea for a 3 month 30 hour per week project, email

The program is funded by RISC-V International.

Benefits for Mentees

  • Gain exposure to real-world ISA and hardware development practices by working closely with experienced developers in the community.
  • Learn best practices of working within open source development infrastructure, tooling, and culture.
  • Build experience through hands-on work related to academic and professional interests.
  • Cultivate close working relationships with RISC-V experts and industry leaders to expand professional network.
  • Receive a stipend from the sponsoring organization based on project criteria.

Benefits for Mentors

  • Get support to fast track your project that supports the ecosystem.
  • Help train the next generation of RISC-V Engineers.
  • Create a pipeline to a diverse, well-educated pool of developers.
  • Build advocacy for RISC-V and its related technologies at academic institutions and increase academia’s interest in the teaching and research on RISC-V.
  • Gain valuable insight into new developer onboarding processes and how to lower the barriers to entry for new developers.

RISC-V Mentorships are managed through LFX Mentorship, a Linux Foundation program. Please see the Mentorship documentation for details on eligibility requirements, stipends, and other informationIn addition, RISC-V also promotes RISC-V internships and other career opportunities offered by member organizations through our Careers page. If your organization wishes to post career opportunities related to RISC-V, including those managed through other programs such as Google Summer of Code or Outreachy, please submit them through our interface and we will be in touch.

Member internships and mentorships are managed by the sponsoring member – information will be posted in the listing on the Careers page. Please note that neither mentors nor mentees will be considered RISC-V employees. All participants are subject to the RISC-V Code of Conduct and the RISC-V Regulations.

For information about all available RISC-V career opportunities, please see the Careers page.

If your organization is not yet a RISC-V member, please see the Membership Page to explore the benefits of membership in RISC-V International.


Come ask us questions on the RISC-V Slack channel: #risc-v-mentorship-questions!

Learn what it’s like to be a mentor and watch your project excel!

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