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Program Overview

RISC-V Training Partners are focusing on RISC-V training in a professional setting. RISC-V International provides this Training Partner Program in order to extend the breadth and reach of RISC-V knowledge (disruptive technology), provide opportunities for a broader audience to teach and learn, and engage the community to achieve expertise in the critical areas needed for a healthy ecosystem while we share the message and benefits of open collaboration.

Training Partners


Axiomise is a provider of formal verification training, consulting, services and custom solutions for RISC-V. At Axiomise, we have been working on formal verification projects in the industry to understand what works well in practice and what doesn’t. We have learnt by doing it ourselves, and this hands-on experience is reflected in our training programme making it truly unique. We are regularly involved in carrying out verification work for industrial projects. It means our know-how remains current and we are able to bring the insights gathered in the field to the training room.

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Edacentrum / Scale4Edge

The edacentrum is the network for electronics, design and applications in business and science. As an independent authority, the edacentrum designs research & development for a consistent design methodology along the entire value chain. In this role, the edacentrum is a recognized innovation accelerator for the microelectronics industry and its user industries.
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Imagination University Programme

Imagination is investing in the next generation of Engineers, Computer Scientists and Chip Designers. We provide in-depth training about RISC-V: the ISA, implementation architectures, and SoC Design, collectively called “RVfpga”. We do this in many languages, and through multiple routes: classic university lectures and labs, conference papers, videos, in-person workshops, and “MOOC” online learning. We support authors to create materials and textbooks, and we train other organisations to provide RVfpga workshops globally.
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The PLCT lab is providing developing skills for RISC-V related compilers, emulators and language virtual machines. Through the training program you could learn the skills needed for writing new LLVM backends for RISC-V CPUs, and the skills for extending QEMU/Spike to support new RISC-V SoC.
View PLCT Lab’s Training Offering

Linux Foundation Training & Certification

Linux Foundation Training & Certification offers training programs created by well-respected developers that cover the most important open source projects, in addition to verifiable certification exams to help professionals demonstrate their abilities. RISC-V International is directly involved in the development of all training and certification materials, guaranteeing content is updated, accurate, and direct from the source. RISC-V training content is all vendor-neutral, and includes introductory training as well as courses on specific topics including building a CPU core and toolchain and compiler optimization techniques.

View Linux Foundation’s Training Offering

Maven Silicon – Centre of Excellence in VLSI

Maven Silicon is one of RISC-V’s global training partners. As a center of excellence in VLSI, Maven Silicon collaborates with multinational semiconductor corporations and academia to upskill their engineers worldwide, offering various online, offline and blended VLSI courses. Our courses’ portfolio includes SoC & IP – RTL design and verification, Languages & Methodologies – Verilog, SystemVerilog, UVM, and DFT, STA, Low Power DV, CDC, Physical Design & Verification.
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MINRES helps customers to establish and improve embedded software engineering processes, methodologies and techniques tailored to meet their specific requirements and capable to adapt to future needs. We provide training for customers who want to get started with RISC-V based projects. We work together with Eclipseina and the Embedded Academy to organize these training sessions. See our training page for more details.
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For 25 years PLC2 have been at the forefront of embedded system training in Europe, focusing upon not only FPGA training but also HDL languages, embedded system, operating system, and system level design challenges.

To achieve the demands placed upon modern embedded system developments, they utilize not only programmable logic but also embedded processors. Increasing in popularity are soft core RISC-V processor implementations which provide an open source solution and technology independent solution.PLC2 is pleased to announce it will be introducing several RISC-V training courses which will focus upon not only the implementation of the RISC-V processor within FPGA fabric. But will address the entire eco system from RISC-V ISA & ISA Compliance, Implementing RISC-V solutions in programmable logic to working with operating systems and Cyber Security.
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