RISC-V events are an important part of the overall marketing and awareness plan. Through our events, we are able to touch on many or our key themes and visibility priorities:

  • Pro-active media engagement and grow engagement with industry media and analysts
  • Highlight the adoption of RISC-V and in targeted industry verticals: Cloud, HPC, IoT, AI, Automotive
  • Demonstrate industry thought leadership
  • Engage with the developer community and highlight community leaders
  • Spread RISC-V learning to a broader audience
  • Grow alliances
  • Add value to RISC-V membership by offering opportunities for members to participate and engage with the community.
  • Amplify member product announcements and milestones
  • Drive new member acquisition

Please also see Proceedings & Reports from previous events.

RISC-V Events

These include RISC-V Global Forums, RISC-V Summit, and participation in major RISC-V events. Events may be run by RISC-V or other host organizations.

Industry Events

These include events that focus on technology, industry verticals, and open source. The goal is for RISC-V to be represented across a variety of relevant events.

Regional Events

These events are organized and held by our regional RISC-V alliances.

Community Events

Organized by RISC-V Ambassadors and community members, these local events bring together the community for learning.