We are excited to announce our newest RISC-V Learn Online courses, available via edX!

RISC-V Learn: A comprehensive program of learning options to get started with your RISC-V learning or take it to the next level!

There are many materials to help you learn or teach RISC-V, including published books, technical and scholarly articles written around the world, and a lengthy collection of open educational materials provided by our community.

RISC-V has created RISC-V Learn Online in order to provide online learning at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Our goal is to increase engineering expertise and career opportunity on RISC-V across the industry, directly benefiting the community.

Contribute to RISC-V Learn Online Contribute and share your courses with the RISC-V Community!

RISC-V Training Partners provide RISC-V training in a professional setting. This extends the breadth and reach of RISC-V knowledge, provides opportunities for a broader audience to teach and learn, and engages the community to achieve expertise in the critical areas needed for a healthy ecosystem.

The RISC-V Educational Materials are curated from educators and academic institutions around the world.  They include lab assignments, papers, lecture notes, video tutorials, and example projects.

Several books have been written on RISC-V including computer organizational design, architectural atlas, and a quantitative approach.

Google Scholar provides an extensive and growing list of academic publications related to RISC-V.