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The Role of the RISC-V Ambassador

  • Be a go-to resource for people interested in RISC-V. As an Ambassador, you will be an important resource to people interested in RISC-V. We will provide you with training and resources to best represent RISC-V, and provide discount codes for you to attend RISC-V events.
  • Help the local community learn more about RISC-V. As an Ambassador, we ask that you organize and host a local RISC-V community event (meetup). RISC-V will provide resources to help you set up your community event and ongoing support associated with running the event. If a local community event already exists, we ask that you engage in an ongoing role.
  • Represent the community publicly. As an Ambassador, you will be a public-facing community representative. You can choose the way you are most comfortable representing RISC-V whether through public speaking, video, or written content such as blogs. We will work with you to find the best fit and provide you with resources to help you be successful as either a speaker, a writer, or both!

Requirements for a RISC-V Ambassador:

  • Organizational member of RISC-V International – Premier, Strategic, or Community Organization
  • Already engaged with RISC-V as a contributor, blogger, speaker, etc.
  • Willing to speak on RISC-V topics at events
  • Contribute technical content such as blog post, video tutorial, training module, etc.
  • Host or speak at a local RISC-V community event
  • Join the monthly Ambassador call to hear the latest RISC-V news and connect with the community

We are looking to expand our Ambassador program! Fill out the below form for consideration as a RISC-V Ambassador.

    Please provide a link to your Github handle, if applicable:

    As an Ambassador, I would like to pursue:
    Speaking opportunitiesBlogging/writing opportunitiesVideo opportunities

    Stay Connected With RISC-V

    We send occasional news about RISC-V technical progress, news, and events.