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Organization: OpenHW Group

The CORE-V MCU DevKit is a turnkey, open-source development and prototyping platform for the CORE-V MCU System on Chip. The CORE-V MCU DevKit enables makers of IoT and embedded systems to evaluate the performance of the CORE-V MCU, to interconnect with WiFi and the IoT cloud, and to develop and test software using the CORE-V SDK. Features: CORE-V MCU, CV32E40P processor core, Quicklogic ArticPro 2 eFPGA, 4 MB flash memory, Ashling Opella-LD onboard JTAG debug module, USB-C for terminal and onboard debug access, JTAG connector for external debug access, Espressif AWS IoT ExpressLink Module for AWS IoT cloud interconnect, mikroBUS onboard socket, allowing access to a vast range of mikroBUS modules, Himax HM01B0 Ultralow Power CMOS Image Sensor, I2C temperature sensor, Several LEDs, Reset button and general purpose button, Dimensions 75 mm x 100 mm, Power supply via USB-C or barrel connector (5V - 18V in). The CORE-V MCU DevKit is supported by OpenHW Group’s open-source CORE-V MCU SDK. The SDK comprises: Eclipse based IDE, Debug support, FreeRTOS, CORE-V GNU GCC tool chain, Peripheral driver libraries, Example Code.


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