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PerfXLab HS-1 HPC MainBoard

Organization: PerfXLab

HS-1 RISC-V High-Density General Computing Mainboard (hereinafter referred to as HS-1) is jointly developed by PerfXLab and WIAT. HS-1 is equipped with 2 server-grade RISC-V 64-core processors SG2042 that is the highest performance RISC-V processor that has been mass-produced. HS-1 is a general-purpose computing mainboard specially developed for high performance computing application requirements in high density and high load scenarios. It has the characteristics of high density and high performance in a limited space. With the original system design and the characteristics of high density modular deployment, it is especially suitable for high-density computing clusters that need to balance computing performance and deployment density. It can meet the scientific computing, engineering computing, AI computing, fusion computing and other large computing power application scenarios' demand, and provide customers with efficient, high-density green computing platform infrastructure. Features: CPU: 2 x SG2042, Computing Power: 4 TFlops(FP64); Cores and Frequency: 128 Cores @2.0GHz, CPU; CPU Cache: L1: 64KB I-Cache, 64KB D-Cache L2: 16MB L3: 64MB System Cache; DDR: 8 DIMM Slots, supports DDR4 RDIMM/NV-DIMM ECC, supports 3200/2666/2400/2133MHz;Max DIMM Memory Capacity: 256GB; I/O Interface: 64PCIe Gen 4.0 lanes, 4 x SATA,4 x NVMe, 4 x USB3.0, 6 x Ethernet, 2 x VGA.


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