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Digital Core Technologies RISC-V FPGA Development and Evaluation Kit based on PolarFire®

Organization: Digital Core Technologies

RISC-V Evaluation Kit based on Polar Fire FPGA SoC (EVK_RVPS_254_XX). The RISC-V evaluation Kit based on Polar Fire FPGA SoC consist of a System on Module(SoM)-based on the World’s first Multi-core RISC-V based PolarFire®SoC FPGA from Microchip (MPFS250T: FCVG484) and a stackable Carrier board to PolarFire SoC SoM. Use Cases: General Carrier Board As a Quick Development platform for Product/ PoC validation and Verification, Develop and use with Custom Carrier Board for Product Prototype/ Low volume production, migrate to Custom Single Board solution for Volume production of custom products. Features Powerful Processing Sub-System on a 55 X 75mm PCB with 64bit multi (4+1) Core processor with Linux® OS, FPGA, DRAM, Flash, Wi-Fi on-board. All other SoC interface connectivity on B2B connector. 1x 64-bit RV64IMAC monitor/boot core, 4x 64-bit RV64GC Application cores, FPGA Fabric 254K logic elements (4-input LUT + DFF), 784 Math blocks (18x18 MACC), Crypto processor, Secure boot, Memory Protection.


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