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Individual Membership in RISC-V International

Individual Membership in RISC-V is for individuals who are not associated with a current member organization.

As an Individual member, you CANNOT:

  • Leverage the RISC-V name, branding, or marks for commercial purposes. 
  • Use your RISC-V membership, branding, or name in your outbound communications, website, social networks, etc.
  • Lead a work group, committee, or special interest group.
  • Participate in the Visibility benefits such as blogs or social posts RISC-V networks.

As an Individual member, you CAN:

  • Have continuous, uninterrupted access to the working groups on the working groups portal.
  • Participate in committees and working groups.
  • For all membership benefits, see the membership page.

Reminder: Individual members do NOT pay a fee to join RISC-V International

Are you a candidate for Individual Membership?

✔ I do RISC-V related work, but my organization does not.

✔ My RISC-V related work is separate from my day-job.

✔ I’d like to contribute to RISC-V technologies via one of the RISC-V Committees, Work Groups, or Special Interest Groups, but my organization is not a member.

My organization is a member, what do I do now?

If you are already an employee of a member organization, you do not need an individual membership to participate. 

Email us with a request to be added to the member portal.

My organization is not a member, what do I do now?

Is your organization interested in joining RISC-V? Please introduce us to your primary decision-maker with an email address and we’ll take it from there.


  • Have you checked to see if your organization is a member?
  • If your organization is not a member, have you asked your organization to join?
  • Do you understand that as an individual member, you cannot leverage RISC-V branding, lead a work group or committee, or participate in Visibility benefits?

If you have done all these things, then click the button to join as an individual member.

Make sure you apply with an unaffiliated (non-work or company or university) email address!

Join now as an Individual member

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