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CSEM is Europe’s leading ultra-low power ASIC design provider. With roots in the Swiss watch industry, CSEM is today an acknowledged reference in the fields of ultra-low power and low-voltage RF, analog, digital and mixed-signal ASIC design. Our expert designers have proven experience in translating customer requirements into high-quality ASIC designs to optimize cost, performance and time-to-market in close cooperation with the customer. CSEM’s services range from IP licensing and customized analog IP block design, through to full-custom ASIC and SoC design and delivery.

Served markets include wearables, IOT, medical, industrial and home automation. CSEM has been developing ultra-low power processors and system-on-chips since more than 30 years and was a pioneer in the modeling and design of microelectronic circuits running near or below the transistor threshold (sub-threshold design) both for analog and digital designs.

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