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Ingenic Semiconductor

Ingenic was founded in 2005. Powered by its innovative CPU technologies, Ingenic SoC products had been quickly adopted/shipped into worldwide consumer market. In May 2011, Ingenic went public at Shenzhen Stock Exchange (300223).

Ingenic keeps investing its computing technologies on CPU, multimedia, AI and etc. Our SoC products are well recognized by our customers, and are widely and continuesly shipping into world-wild markets of smart video surveillance, AIoT, industrial & consumer, biometric & education electronics.

In 2020, Ingenic merged ISSI (Integrated Silicon Solution Inc.) and its subsidiary Lumissil.  ISSI develops and designs high quality and high reliable memory IC products for world-wide automotive, industrial, medical and other applications, including SRAM, DRAM, Nor Flash,2D NAND Flash and eMMC.   Lumissil develops and design LED driver, MCU, power management ICs and Connectivity ICs  to world-wide automotive, industrial and consumer applications.

As Ingenic, we are leveraging our computing technologies, memory/analogy/connectivity technologies to support our customers. We are also leveraging our automotive focused quality flow, R&D process and customer support system, to continue providing  ICs with the world class quality, to long term support our worldwide customers in automotive/industrial/medical and AIoT.

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