RISC-V at EmbeddedWorld March 2017

Be sure to join us at the EmbeddedWorld 2017 Exhibition and Conference in Nuremberg, Germany March 14th-16th, 2017 to learn more about the RISC-V ISA and product offerings form some of our member companies.


Antmicro – Hall 4A-121
Antmicro will be showcasing their RISC-V system on module hardware together with the Emul8 simulation framework support for RISC-V which allows for multiple virtual boards booting in one simulation. The AXIOM camera which has a RISC-V (Z-Scale) softcore will also be on display.


Codasip – Hall 3-627
Codasip will demonstrate the Codix-Bk (RISC-V) development platform running on MicroSemi FPGAs including advanced debug from UltraSoC and quantum resistant security extensions from SecureRF.


Microsemi – Hall 1-660
Microsemi will host RISC-V training classes explaining their RISC-V IP core and software tool chain for Microsemi FPGAs. There will also be RISC-V softcore demonstration running on Microsemi FPGAs.


UltraSoC – Hall 3-555
The Ultrasoc team will present a demonstration of a RISC-V hetergenous multicorestream (2x ARM9 + SiFive RISC-V core) showing SoC wide debug with run-control & trace of all three cores, plus buses and memory controller.