Elektroniktidningen Article: The Linux Foundation Adopts RISC-V

Under the Linux Foundation, there are 52 projects on open software and now, for the first time, a project on open hardware. It is the renowned open architecture RISC-V that was introduced to carry out the development of RISC-V and associated IP cores and tools with the Linux Foundation’s blessing.

Running Linux on RISC-V was an obvious ambition right from the start of the RISC-V project. The porting of Linux to RISC-V – but perhaps especially the development in itself of open RISC-V implementations – will now take place in the 53rd project of the Linux Foundation – Chips Alliance.


To read more, please visit: http://www.etn.se/index.php/nyheter/65631-linuxstiftelsen-adopterar-risc-v.html. Please note that the original article is in Swedish.