Elektronikne.de Article: RISC-V Roadshow – Guest Performances In Munich And Berlin

A half-day program was compiled by the RISC-V Foundation and the Linux Foundation for their RISC-V Roadshow, “Getting Started with RISC-V” in Europe. In addition to large semiconductor manufacturers such as Microchip and Western Digital, smaller-scale semiconductor manufacturers such as Greenwaves and Trinamic, both from Europe, are participating in the open-source instruction architecture RISC-V.

The roadshow program will be rounded off with presentations on embedded software development – from mines – and verification – of OneSpin. The latter, however, is only on September 18 in Munich in the program.


To read more, please visit https://www.elektroniknet.de/elektronik/halbleiter/gastspiele-in-muenchen-und-berlin-168333.html. Please note that the original article is in German.