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RISC-V Github Organization

By February 9, 2015October 1st, 2020No Comments

With RISC-V expanding beyond just UC Berkeley, we have moved out most of the RISC-V software stack to a separate “riscv” github organization. Generally speaking, the repositories that fall into the new “riscv” github organization are things that are staged for upstreaming (e.g. gcc, llvm, qemu, etc). This is hence why the rocket-chip-related infrastructure is staying in the “ucb-bar” github organization.

Here’s an excerpt from on further information regarding repositories that are transferred within github:
When a repository is transferred, all links to the previous location are automatically redirected to the new location.
In addition to redirecting web traffic, all git clone, git fetch, or git push operations targeting the previous location will continue to function as if made on the new location. However, this can be somewhat confusing, so we strongly recommend updating any existing local clones to point to the new repository URL. You can do this by using git remote on the command line:

$ git remote set-url origin new_url

For more information, see

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