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On May 18th RISC-V is turning 14! To celebrate we are giving away 14 bundles of the RISC-V Fundamentals Course and RISC-V Foundational Associate Certification (RVFA). We would love to support your RISC-V Learning journey through this opportunity so apply here by May 22nd at 11:59 PM Pacific. Individuals will be entered into a pool from which winners will be selected randomly.

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What are people saying about the course?

“My main goal in passing the RVFA certification is to apply for the RISC-V Advocate, as the certification is a part of the application requirements. During the course of study, I learned the basics of RISC-V more systematically. The most unexpected gain for me is that after having the goal of passing the exam, I studied much more efficiently. After passing the certification, when I encountered problems in my work, I knew what direction to study in depth.” -Yixuan Chen, RISC-V Advocate 

“I went through the course and took the exam not out of ranking or competition with others, but rather to see for myself what I know, don’t know and how well I know it. The pace of both the course and the exam is excellent — not too fast or slow — and quiz questions at the end of each section are very stimulating and helpful. The single-most notable benefit having passed the exam is that it gives me the confidence of participation, not only to interact within the RISC-V community in various TG’s, SIG’s, HC’s, and ad hoc conversations.”Paul Sherman, RISC-V Advocate

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