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Franck Bernard, Bosch – The RISC-V opportunity in Automotive Electronics

A digital transformation of the car is currently taking place, driven by powertrain electrification, increased levels of autonomy, new in-car experiences and the trend towards the Software-defined vehicle. The automotive supply chain is looking for the computing architectures that can deliver this future. In this talk, we will examine the opportunity that Bosch sees in the RISC-V ISA and how it can be applied to future automotive challenges. We will detail architectural trends and the move from distributed to domain-centralized and then vehicle-centralized compute. The processing needs of the different in-car processing modules will be discussed, including performance requirements and the range of cores that will be required. We will discuss the benefits that the RISC-V architecture can bring to Bosch as an automotive supplier and how Bosch is engaging with the RISC-V ecosystem to address its computing needs across both hardware and software, as well as key considerations such as Functional Safety and Security, in both the short and long term.

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