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By May 10, 2021No Comments

作为一个充满活力的文化社区和视频平台,哔哩哔哩(Bilibili)吸引着大量中国年轻一代的关注和追捧。为了提高 RISC-V 在国内的知名度,为国内 RISC-V 从业者和爱好者提供一个互动交流的平台,我们在 Bilibili 上开通了 RISC-V 国际基金会的账号,并上传了系列视频。后续会不定期更新RISC-V的相关内容,一起来关注我们吧。


目前已经将 RISC-V 国际基金会在油管上的视频全部上传了。请大家多多关注,一键三连!


As an energetic cultural community and video platform, Bilibili attracts the attention and pursuit of a large number of young Chinese generations. In order to increase the popularity of RISC-V in China and provide a platform for Chinese RISC-V workers and amateurs to interact and communicate, the account of RISC-V International has been opened on Bilibili and a series of videos has been uploaded. And related content of RISC-V will be updated constantly on it. Let’s follow it!

The account name is:  RISCV国际基金会. The website is:

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