All RISC-V working groups are listed on this page:

Technical Working Groups

The technical groups are the heart of RISC-V. These groups create and maintain the hardware ISA and other items around it, including test and debug frameworks, software specs, and other technical aspects.

The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) is the technical governance body within RISC-V, made up of task group chairs and Premier members, with a hard limit of one representative per company, reporting monthly to the Board of Directors. RISC-V organizes our technical work through standing committees which guide the work done by task groups and technical special interest groups (SIGs).

There are two important notes about the technical lists. One is that RISC-V does all technical work visibly in the open, in “read-only” fashion – active participation in working groups is limited to members, but the archives are publicly visible. The other is that contributions on these working groups are considered to be RISC-V community property. In other words, ownership of all specifications is assigned directly to RISC-V International, who maintains the copyright and Creative Commons license on behalf of the member community, and no individual contributor retains ownership of work that ends up in the RISC-V specifications.

Technical task groups that have achieved their final deliverables are considered “graduated” – they are kept as archives, but participation is locked. In addition, technical groups prior to 2020 are archived within the server in separate groups titled groupname-archive.

Members have access to all archives, and they may join any working technical group other than the tech-chairs, which is specific to technical working group chairs, and the TSC, which is specific to Technical Steering Committee members. Please also see the Guide to Working with RISC-V.

The following table lists all current technical groups.

CommitteeTask GroupDescription
techGeneral technical announcements & discussion
securitySecurity Standing Committee
tech-teeTEE Task Group
tech-crypto-extCryptographic Extensions Task Group
security-responseSecurity response team (proposed)
softwareSoftware Standing Committee
tech-unixplatformspecUNIX Platform Spec Task Group
tech-unprivilegedUnprivileged Spec Standing Committee
tech-base-isaBase ISA Ratification Task Group (graduated)
tech-j-extJ Extension Task Group
tech-vector-extVector Extension Task Group
tech-bitmanipB Extension (Bitmanip) Task Group
tech-p-extP Extension Task Group
tech-privilegedPrivileged Spec Standing Committee
tech-memory-modelMemory Model Task Group (graduated)
tech-virt-memVirtual Memory Task Group
tech-configConfiguration Structure Task Group
tech-fast-intFast Interrupt Task Group
trace-debugDebug & Trace Standing Committee
tech-traceProcessor Trace Task Group (graduated)
tech-debugDebug Task Group (graduated)
tech-nexusNexus Trace Task Group
formalspec-complianceFormal Spec & Compliance Comittee (proposed)
tech-complianceCompliance Spec Task Group
tech-formalspecFormal Spec Task Group

Non-technical Groups

Non-technical groups maintain and promote RISC-V as an organization. Activities include events, meetups, content, PR, programs for conferences, education, advocacy, and non-technical special interest groups (SIGs), as well as general administration and announcement groups.

CommitteeWorking GroupDescription
mktgMarketing Committee
mktg-eventsEvents Committee
mktg-ewEvent Committee - Embedded World
mktg-meetupsBevy groups / meetups and other regional events
mktg-contentMarketing and website content development & maintenance
mktg-researchMarket research committee
mktg-apacAPAC regional group
mktg-chairsMarketing committee chairs
progProgram committee
prog-summitProgram committee for annual RISC-V Summit
prog-chennaiProgram committee for Chennai summit (past)
prog-shanghaiProgram committee for Shanghai summit (past)
sigSpecial Interest Groups (general)
sig-academia-trainingAcademia & Training special interest group
sig-safetyFunctional Safety special interest group
sig-hpcHPC special interest group
sig-soft-cpuFPGA and Soft CPU special interest group
allmemAnnouncement group for all members (low traffic). You should belong to this group. identity server. You MUST belong to this group to stay in the system.

Other Groups

Other groups include regional groups, other shared interest groups, and invitation-only groups such as the Board of Directors and Ambassadors.

Other GroupsDescription
bodRISC-V Board of Directors *
tscRISC-V Technical Steering Committee (TSC) *
tech-chairsRISC-V Technical Task Group Chairs *
ambassadorsRISC-V Ambassadors *
sig-japanJapan community special interest group
chinaadvcommChina Advisory Committee

* by invitation only