RISC-V Membership Agreement and By-Laws

The RISC-V Foundation Membership Agreement and By-Laws have been ratified by the RISC-V Foundation Board of Directors. If your Company or Organization would like to become a Member of the Foundation or if you would like to be an Individual Member please follow the steps below.

(Note: if you are an individual employee in a current RISC-V Foundation Member Company, please complete our Company User Signup Form to set-up your user ID and Password for the riscv.org workspace site.)

Steps to Becoming a RISC-V Foundation Member

  1. Review the RISC-V Foundation Membership Agreement and Bylaws;
  2. Determine the membership level at which you’d like to participate: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Auditor or Individual;
  3. Email a signed PDF copy of the Membership Agreement to info@riscv.org; and
  4. A counter-signed copy of the Membership Agreement will be returned to you together with an invoice for the annual membership dues corresponding to the membership level you have selected.

Thank you very much for your interest in joining the RISC-V Foundation.