Value of membership in RISC-V International

Advances in software and hardware standardization through global collaboration and consensus as well as open source development and delivery of software and hardware design has accelerated technical progress at an unprecedented global scale. The release of RISC-V to the open community for both standardization and ongoing improvement through open collaboration is at the core of RISC-V International. 

Together with our members, RISC-V International leads the collaborative development and key programs to ensure long term strategic viability, proliferation, and adoption of RISC-V. Membership dues support the ongoing collective support, facilitation, and advocacy of RISC-V as well as the following programs to foster the technical development, academic inclusion, market adoption, and industry visibility of our RISC-V community and members. 


RISC-V International Governance

RISC-V International is governed by its Board of Directors. The Board is composed of Directors elected to represent all classes of membership to ensure we offer a strategic voice as all levels. In addition, the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) provides leadership to our technical initiatives in setting long term strategy, forming tactical committees and work groups, and approving technical deliverables for ratification or release. RISC-V International also supports and drives ad hoc and standing groups to pursue specific industry, geographic, and strategic interest through a variety of constructs. Our aim is to guide and facilitate the broadest and most effective collaboration for the benefit of our member community. 

RISC-V International Membership Options

Membership supports the programming, collaboration, and long term strategic leadership of RISC-V. The following membership levels are available.

Free Community level members (Individual and organizational) may not use the RISC-V trademark or tradename for any commercial purpose. Commercialization requires a paid Strategic or Premier membership.

The following documents are referenced in the RISC-V Membership application:

Next Steps

  1. Please review the RISC-V Regulations and Articles links above.
  2. In the sign-up process, you will see indications of the Linux Foundation. Note that RISC-V has a relationship with LF to facilitate our member management and operations. Your RISC-V International membership does not enroll your organization as a member of the Linux Foundation – the RISC-V process only conveys membership in RISC-V International.
  3. Once you complete the steps for membership through the following link, a membership agreement will be electronically generated for your signature via Docusign. After you sign electronically, the membership agreement is routed to RISC-V International to countersign, and then Docusign will provide you with an electronic copy for your records. An invoice will be generated automatically.
  4. For existing RISC-V members, it is necessary to sign up for membership in the new organization: RISC-V International.  Existing members will not automatically be transitioned to the new RISC-V International. Once you complete the new sign-up process, your prior RISC-V membership will be terminated and replaced with your RISC-V International membership. Any membership dues paid on prior membership will be pro-rated and any remaining balance will be applied to your new membership, you’ll see this in the invoice sent after completion of sign-up. Please click on the appropriate link below for organization or individual membership.
  5. For new members, please click on the appropriate link below for organization or individual membership.

If you have any concerns or questions, you can reach us at