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Austin RISC-V 2023-09: Lunch and demos

TBD in Austin Texas

Since Carl will be out of town for the regular meeting time this month, we're going to do a Lunch and Demo session in person on Sunday instead. Venue is...

RISC-V Career Fair – Careers Deep Dive


Ever wonder what the daily tasks and career progress look like for popular RISC-V Job titles? Hear from experts on their journey and what their day to day jobs entail.

RISC-V Munich Meetup – Jan 2024

Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE) Heßstraße 89, München, BY, Germany

Get ready for our next RISC-V meetup, this time again as physical meeting. End of January when the weather is cray and cold, we will meet to bring together RISC-V...

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