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Program Details

To participate in the program, submit a project proposal.  Great proposals:

  • Have clear impact – contributing patches, testing, or documentation – to a significant, established  upstream community 
  • Are proposed by proven open-source software contributors who provide a link to their documented track record in GitHub, GitLab, etc.
  • Impact strategic RISC-V products and markets
  • Conform to the footprints of current or near immediate DevBoard hardware
  • Come from RISC-V members who are active in our communities

While not all of these attributes are requirements, the more qualities a project has, the greater the chance of it being accepted.  Additionally, programs will run independently, with no project carry-over.  So, bookmark our page and submit your proposals with each new platform that meets your requirements!

How To Apply

  1. Review the terms (blue box on the right)
  2. Select an active program (below) which best meets our requirements
  3. Apply using the form link provided in the Status section of the program

If you have any questions, reach out to  

If you’d like to join the program planning, join the RISC-V Developer Board Program community. 

If you are a RISC-V member and have a board for the program, complete our RISC-V Developer Boards Partnership form to start the ball rolling.

Read for terms of the program

Applications are collected for each program, then reviewed and ranked upon program closure. Accepted proposals will be contacted directly to confirm shipping arrangements.  All remaining projects will be followed-up on a best-effort basis.

The priority for the delivery of boards is based on the value of the proposed project. Our goal is to support for academia, software distributions, and ecosystem projects. All applications that qualify will be considered on a first-come / first-serve basis.

Applicants of the boards must be willing to provide a monthly status of their project and work with RISC-V marketing to document their project and results. Applicants must provide monthly feedback and responses to RISC-V emails. 

Decisions on board allocations are final. RISC-V as the administer of this program will abide by all laws in the United States and other government rules. Supply is limited and subject to availability. RISC-V provides no direct support; the RISC-V Slack channel is available for questions. Vendor members who have provided the boards MAY provide support.

Active Programs

The following programs are currently being run.  You may apply to multiple programs but please apply only to the programs where the hardware meets your needs.

Board Name



ICE-V from QWERTY Embedded Design

82mm x 32 mm, ESP32C3HN4 SOC, 400 KB SRAM, 384 KB ROM, Lattice iCE40 FPGA (5k LUTs), Wifi, Bluetooth, 1- USB, GPIO for serial, ADC, or I2C

Open. Closes February 28, 2023.

VisionFive V2 from StarFive

Pico-ITX, 4- U74 cores, 8 GB memory, 2- USB 2.0. 2x USB 3.0, 1- 1 Gb Ethernet, 1- 10/100 Mb Ethernet, 1 M.2 key for NvMe attach, 40-pin GPIO

Closed.  Project selection will occur by February 15.

ROMA laptop from DeepComputing and Xcalibyte

Laptop, 4- Xuantie C910  processor @ 2.5 GHz, 16 GB memory, 256 GB SSD

Closed.  Project selection will occur in January 2023.

VisionFive V1 from StarFive

Pico-ITX, 2- U74 cores, 8 GB memory, 2- USB 2.0, 2- USB 3.0, Wifi, 1- Gb Ethernet, 40-pin GPIO

Closed. Board purchase started.

Unmatched from SiFive

Mini-ITX, 4- U74 cores, 16 GB memory, 1- 8-lane PCIe Gen3, 4- USB 2.0, 2- M.2M-Key

Complete.  See the info link for vendor contact information.

Nezha from Allwinner Technology and Alibaba

PicoITX, C906 core,  2 GB memory, USB 2.0

Complete.  See the info link for vendor contact information.

Disclaimer: RISC-V International does not endorse, test, certify, or represent any claims or offerings of the organizations listed as members, supporting partners, or service providers. These organizations volunteered to have their names and commercial offerings listed as an informational service to the community. If you believe any of the information listed is incorrect, or a misrepresentation, please contact us

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